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Impact Den – Empowering Innovation in Asia Pacific


To Recognize & Support Leading Innovations & Start-ups from Asia-Pacific Region under UN ESCAP’s APAC Innovation Impact Den


  • Create portfolio of transformative companies/start-ups from Asia Pacific
  • Build Community & Network across Asia Pacific
  • Recognize 40 successful case studies highlighting their commercializing challenges & mechanism
  • Extend support and/or handhold top 10 winners
  • Publish guide from the entrepreneurs’ viewpoint to inspire APAC sustainable Development


Applications Invited from:
Companies/ Individuals/Start-ups / Research Institutes

Transformative & Inclusive Innovations
Impacting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Further Research & Development
New Market Entry

Region Specificity – Asia Pacific:
Technology Origin
Companies Incorporated
New Market Entry


  • Invite Expression of Interest from Potential Applicants
  • Request detailed information through online questionnaire
  • Assess the applications based on the pre-defined evaluation matrix prepared by experts
  • Conduct one-to-one interviews of the top 50 shortlists
  • Document 40 successful case studies
  • Document Best Practices in form of manual/guide
  • Handhold and/or support top 10 Finalists

Collaborate with Ecosystem Stakeholders – Building a Community & Network for Implementation

  • Associations
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Incubators
  • Accelerators
  • Technology Transfer Offices
  • Academic Institutions
  • Autonomous Bodies
  • Venture Capitalist/Funding Agencies
  • Government Institutions
  • Start-ups/Seasoned Entrepreneurs
  • Publication Houses
  • Corporation
  • And Like Organizations /institutions
  • LinkedIn

Benefits to Applicants

  • Global Recognition to 40 successful case stories from Asia Pacific Region
  • Best Practices recorded in form of manual/guide to inspire other entrepreneurs
  • The 10 Finalists will be hand-holded/supported to benefits of upto ~$1mn viz:
    • Access to dedicated Global networks, resources, platforms, experts, mentors, Investor groups & Innovation roadshows to provide face to face exposure to Investors & large collaborators (Public & Private)
    • Opportunity to be involved for wide adoption through large global development programs by multi-lateral agencies, Donors, Governments
    • Opportunity to be involved under The Sustainability Development Goal (SDG) Accelerator, global challenges & implementation programs
    • Defined partnership opportunities and markets to be pursued for further development, commercialization, Scale-up or investment.
    • Limited period (12 months) exposure & representation on global platforms and flagship programs & events like Expo 2020 & like.

Benefits to Ecosystem Stakeholders

Indicative advantages to myriad ecosystem stakeholders have been enumerated below:

  • For Entrepreneurs Involved:
    • Recognition & Reputation Support from Enablers (Financial, Partners, Accelerators, etc.)
    • Increasedexposure to the market
    • Alignment to the UN
  • For other Start-ups:
    • Best in Class Insights & Methods
    • Lessons in Leadership
    • Guidance of Sustainable Development Innovation
    • Prizemoney and skilled assistance in Pitching
  • For Government:
    • Improve Economic & Social Well-Being through Innovation & the diffusion of Entrepreneurial Success Stories
    • Job Creation
  • For Companies & Economic Actors
    • Best Practices & New Economic trends
    • Corporate Social Responsibility Enablers
  • Research & Innovation Institutions
    • Guidelines & Motivation for innovation
  • For Society:
    • Guidelines & Motivation for innovation

Empowered by Innovation